MLW Fusion Results (5/9): Contra Seizes Control of MLW


Contra Unit has seized control of MLW.

Major League Wrestling presented the final episode of its Super-Series with AAA this weekend on BeIN Sports and YouTube. Just one match was featured on the show. A trios match between Los Parks against Psycho Clown, Nino Hamberguesa, and Psychosis closed out the series between the two leagues.

This was the final episode before MLW begins to air its anthology series. It concluded with a hostile takeover from Contra Unit.

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

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MLW Fusion 5/9/20 Quick Results:

  1. El Hijo de LA Park, LA Park & LA Park Jr. defeated Nino Hamburguesa, Psicosis & Psycho Clown

Here are 7 takeaways from MLW Fusion 5/9/20:

Contra Unit Takes Over MLW

For weeks, vignettes featuring Contra Unit warning of a coming attack have been shown on MLW Fusion. They delivered on their promises tonight. At the conclusion of the episode, it was expected we would hear from Davey Boy Smith Jr. about a possible challenge to Jacob Fatu but when the camera cut to the back we saw a bloodied Smith wrapped in a Contra flag.

Josef Samael then delivered a message to MLW. He said that they have taken over the league and it was now under their rule. Samael was in the company’s head office in New York where MLW management had also been attacked and their offices overrun. Even MLW‘s social media accounts have been taken over by Contra.

As MLW moves into showcasing its anthology series, Contra’s takeover of the company seems to provide an end to this particular chapter in the league’s history. When MLW is able to schedule events again, it appears things will be under Contra’s control.

Pagano Attacks Los Parks In Main Event

After weeks of catching up with LA Park and his sons at home, Los Parks were in trios action this week on Fusion. They took on LA Park’s rival Psycho Clown and his team of Pychosis and Nino Hamberguesa.

After a violent and weapons-filled match, it appeared as though Los Parks had Psychosis pinned in the middle of the ring. The frequently suspect officiating continued in the Super Series here, however, as the referee made a slow count. As the ref did so, Pagano decided to make the match a party. Pagano hit all 3 members of Los Parks with a chair. LA Park would get in a shot on Pagano, however, after the referee pulled the chair from his hands. Directly after that, LA Park speared Psychosis and picked up the win for his team and MLW.

MLW Wins Super Series

With the win this week, MLW clinched victory in the Super Series. AAA officials have expressed interest in holding a second Super Series with MLW that would take place in the United States.

MLW vs AAA Super Series Results:

  1. Mortiz & Pagano defeated Mance Warner & Savio Vega [1:0] 
  2. Alexander Hammerstone (c) defeated Laredo Kid [1:1] 
  3. Averno defeats Douglas James [2:1]
  4. Team Filthy (Dominic Garrini & Tom Lawlor) defeated Extreme Tiger & Puma King [2:2]
  5. Richard Holliday (c) defeated Chessman [3:2] 
  6. Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr.) defeated Los Mercenarios (El Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion) [4:2] 
  7. Los Jinetes del Aire (El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr.) (c) defeated Injustice (Jordan Oliver, Kotto Brazil & Myron Reed) [3:4]
  8. El Hijo de LA Park, LA Park & LA Park Jr. defeated Nino Hamburguesa, Psicosis & Psycho Clown [5:3]

The Dynasty Are Concerned With “Meth Gators”

Another Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic episode aired this week. Previously, we’ve seen Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone outside of Savio Vega’s home. Holliday purchased the title to the home, making him “Richie 2 Titles.”

This week, the Dynasty where in Mance Warner’s home town of Bucksnort, TN. Gino Medina pointed out that the trio should be concerned with “Meth Gators” that are local to the area. These are alligators who also do meth, making them a unique and terrifying predator.

Hammerstone got to wandering and was looking at a family of raccoons when Holliday decided they should leave the area. This would lead to Mance Warner issuing up a challenge to the faction later in the show.

Mance Warner Challenges Dynasty To Tower Of Doom Match

Mance Warner issued quite the challenge to the members of the Dynasty this week on Fusion. Warner suggested that a match could be made where all the gold is hanging from the ceiling. This would include Alexander Hammerstone’s National Openweight title and Richard Holliday’s Caribbean Championship he stole from Savio Vega. It would be the 3 members of the Dynasty against Warner, Savio Vega and a teammate to be named later. This would not be a ladder match, however. Rather a 3-tiered “Tower of Doom” cage would be built and the winning team would have to climb to the top cage to retrieve all the gold.

MLW Top-10 Rankings

MLW updated its top-10 rankings this week. Davey Boy Smith Jr. moved into the top-contender spot, moving past Alexander Hammerstone. Richard Holliday also moved up two spots, moving past King Mo and Mance Warner.

MLW World Champion: Jacob Fatu (Contra Unit)

  1. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Opera Cup Winner) (Hart Foundation) (+1)
  2. Alexander Hammerstone (National Openweight Champion) (Dynasty) (-1)
  3. Myron Reed (Middleweight Champion) (Injustice)
  4. Brian Pillman Jr. (Hart Foundation)
  5. Tom Lawlor (Team Filthy)
  6. Richard Holliday (Dynasty) (+2)
  7. King Mo (American Top Team/Team Filthy) (-1)
  8. Mance Warner (-1)
  9. Low-Ki
  10. Dominic Garrini (Team Filthy)

Coming Up In MLW

AEW‘s anthology series begins airing next week. The show will focus on the top matches, angles, and segments from MLW‘s history. This includes the league’s first run from 2002 to 2004. MLW is also stating that lost footage from 2002-04 will run on the anthology series as well.