MLW Fusion Results & 6 Takeaways (5/2/20)


MLW presented a new episode of Fusion this weekend.

Major League Wrestling presented another episode of Fusion this week on BeIN Sports and YouTube. The show featured members of Injustice challenging for the AAA Trios Championships.

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

MLW Fusion 5/2/20 Quick Results:

  1. Poder De Norte (Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana & Carta Brava Jr.) defeated Black Destiny, Rayo Starr & Fantastick
  2. AAA Trios Championship
    El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz & Octagon Jr. (c) defeated Injustice (Myron Reed, Kotta Brazil & Jordan Oliver)

Injustice Attacks Brian Pillman Jr./Attempt To Cut Off His Mullet

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Injustice attacked Brian Pillman Jr. backstage in Tijuana this week. The trio have made multiple attempts to take the 2-time rookie of the year out of action but this time they attempted to cut off his mullet as well.

Cameras caught up with Pillman later in the show who challenged Jordan Oliver to a hair vs hair match. It wouldn’t be the last time Pillman would have a message for the members of Injustice this week, however.

Brian Pillman Prevents Injustice From Winning Trios Titles

Injustice was granted a shot for the AAA Trios title against Vikingo, Myzteziz & Octagon Jr. due to a backstage altercation with Konnan recently.

Brian Pillman Jr. came out during the match and prevented Kotto Brazil from using a chair and also spit beer in his face. Vikingo would then hit a 630 Denton on Kotto for the win. The rivalry between Injustice and Pillman just got taken up a notch as Pillman prevented the trio from winning gold here.

Richard Holiday Purchased Savio Vega’s Childhood Home

A short Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic took place this week. Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone were shown outside a yellow house. Holliday informed Hammerstone that this is Savio Vega’s childhood home but that the bank foreclosed on Savio’s mother. This allowed Holliday to purchase it. Holliday said he plans to turn it into an Air BnB. Now that Holliday has stolen the Caribbean title and the title to his childhood home from Savio Vega, Holliday is referring to himself as “Richie Two Titles.”

The Dynasty will have to look over their shoulders, however. Both Mance Warner and Savio Vega are coming for them.

American Top Team Is Suing Low-Ki

Last week, a planned press conference featuring Team Filthy and American Top Team was scheduled. It never took place, however, as Low-Ki interrupted and attacked ATT coach Dan Lambert. This week, it was revealed that American Top Team have filed legal action against Low-Ki for the attack.

Dinner With Los Parks

LA Park, LA Park Jr. and El Hijo de LA Park took part in a cooking show this week. The family cooked pulled pork in honor of Psycho Clown’s father Super Porky.

The Parks make it clear they are with MLW and will battle all of the little clowns AAA sends up north. This includes Pagano, who has been making himself known in MLW as of late as well. They will take on Psycho Clown’s team in trios action next week.

Next Week on MLW

Next week on MLW, Los Parks will take on Psycho Clown, Psychosis, and Nino Hamberguesa in trios action. Los Parks will have to back up all the trash-talking they did from their kitchen when these two sides face off from Tijuana next week.