Suge D Talks Aout Receiving AEW Opportunities During Coronavirus Pandemic


Independent wrestler Sugar Dunkerton has opened up about the opportunities he has received on AEW, and what it's like to get these chances during a pandemic.

Sugar Dunkerton received a career highlight on this past week’s episode of Dynamite on TNT. This week, he competed in a losing effort against former AEW Champion Chris Jericho. He has been featured on several AEW shows during the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking on a recent episode of the We The Independent podcast, Suge D opened up about his feelings on receiving these career opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Suge D—who Jericho has been referring to as Pineapple Pete—admitted it’s strange to be enjoying career opportunities during such a difficult time. He confessed he can’t help but “feel a little sadness in terms of everybody not being able to enjoy my accomplishments the way I’d like them to be enjoyed because let’s be honest, what is there to be really really really be excited about? There’s lot going on.”

Suge D On Wrestling During A Pandemic

Suge D acknowledged how people have been congratulating him and telling him he deserves the chance to be on TV for AEW. He admitted that it was “definitely a new challenge and a new mountain to climb.”

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He noted how he isn’t sure where this journey will take him. There is one thing he is certain of, however: he wishes this could be happening under different circumstances.

“Would I have wanted a crowd there to really will me on and cheer me on just to see if they’re really feeling me? Absolutely, but I know two things to be true. The first one being that you are very rarely asked to be great during convenient circumstances, so it was a matter of taking a choice to whether you take that chance and you go forward or you stand back and you let it past you by.”

Suge D shared that the second thing is the uncertainty as to when a live crowd will be allowed to attend shows. He confessed this causes an “empty feeling” as going out to perform to nobody, and being unable to feed off their energy, is an undeniably different experience.

That being said, he added: “When you’re hungry, do you complain about any kind of scraps you possibly can get, or do you just go without?” Regardless, Suge D remains grateful to get the opportunity to wrestle despite the current difficulties.