Jim Ross Talks Alleged Racism of Former WWE President and COO


WWE Hall of Famer, co-host of Grilling Jr and AEW Commentator Jim Ross recently discussed a former WWE President and allegations of racism back in the year 2000.

This week’s episode of Grilling Jr centered on the King of The Ring 2000 PPV, with JR answering questions surrounding the then WWF at the time.

Stu Snyder was appointed by WWE in June 2000 as WWE President and Chief Operating Officer. At the time, WWE released a statement from Linda McMahon lauding the new acquisition. “Stuart adds additional depth to our executive management team,” said Linda McMahon. “He brings a unique combination of experience from both the entertainment and live events industries that we believe will be a tremendous asset to WWE Entertainment as we continue to expand both domestically and internationally.”

Jim Ross on Stu Snyder

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Jim Ross however had a different story to tell about the former company President. “He also worked at Turner Broadcasting” JR began. “Let me tell a Stu Snyder story very quickly that kind of describes who he is. If I recall correctly? He was not happy that he had a black limo driver. He was not happy that he had to ride in a black car.”

“And that came up late in the game” Jim Ross continued. “Vince was not aware that this guy had some apparent ‘alleged’ issues. So I didn’t have a lot of time for Stu Snyder. He’s one of those guys that came in fast talking like ‘here’s my resume bing bing bing.’ He’s got all these former employers in his resume. Well? There’s a reason for that. There’s a reason people change jobs a lot, because they’re not welcome anymore.”

JR would finish by saying that “he [Snyder] wasn’t a great guy at all. And he came in there and again, it’s the old deal where he had very little product knowledge.”

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