Nick Aldis On How He Has Helped NWA Grow


Current NWA Champion Nick Aldis has shared why it took him six months to sign with NWA, eventually earning a six-figure salary.

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis has revealed how, after refusing to take a check for the first six months with NWA, he is now on a six-figure contract. Speaking with Busted Open Radio, Aldis shared his pride in working for NWA and how he considers himself “blessed” to be in his current position. 

“I’m very blessed in the NWA. I make six figures. That’s not the case for everyone and I had to earn that. The first six months I worked for this company, I didn’t take a check. I said, I’ll get whatever I get from independent bookings and I’ll prove my value and I made plenty of money from the independents. I defended the title in 7 different countries on 4 different continents. I was doing just fine. I’ve been all in on this, no pun intended.”

Aldis explained how, after six months, he finally accepted NWA‘s contract offer. This was because a clear goal was set for the promotion, and Aldis had shown he could “do business.” Not only that, he could do “big business.” At that point, he felt ready to receive a salary from the promotion as he committed to helping them grow.

Nick Aldis On Impacting NWA

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Nick Aldis stressed that he’s been fortunate, but reiterated how it came through hard work. Aldis noted how wrestling companies don’t start and just hand out six-figure contracts to its talent. 

Aldis acknowledged how there have been “a few guys who have had a few sideways things to say about the NWA in that regard but ultimately I generate that revenue for the company. This company, even at this point, is still generating like over 5 figures in monthly revenue. That’s largely due to me.”

He added how his comments weren’t about putting himself over. Aldis pointed out how NWA has a wealth of incredible talent who have worked hard to make NWA successful. 

That being said, he argued how “[…] deep down, if you are really truthful with yourself, is there really anybody else at this point for whom if they were to leave this brand that this company is in serious trouble. You know the answer. It’s no.”

Nick Aldis recently penned an open letter to NWA fans regarding recapturing momentum post-coronavirus pandemic.