WWE RAW Results (7/27): Asuka vs. Banks, Title Matches Set For SummerSlam


WWE RAW aired from the Performance Center in Orlando. Sasha Banks and Asuka battled for the RAW Women’s Championship during tonight’s show.

RAW Results (7/27)

  1. Andrade & Garza def. Viking Raiders, Ricochet & Alexander to earn shot at RAW Tag Titles at SummerSlam
  2. Lashley def. Mustafa Ali
  3. Sasha Banks def. Asuka via count-out to win RAW Women’s Championship
  4. Murphy def. Humberto Carrillo
  5. Drew McIntyre def. Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE Championship

Here are 7 takeaways from this week’s show:

Randy Orton Wants A WWE Championship Match At SummerSlam

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Randy Orton kicked off the show by boasting about his resume and claimed that The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin couldn’t hold a candle to him. Orton added that something is missing and that he desires to once again become WWE Champion.

Orton joked that if he compared resumes with Drew McIntyre it would be a short conversation. Randy said that McIntyre was called the chose one 10 years ago but back then he had his head up his ass and got fired.

Randy claimed that McIntyre has his respect for earning his way back to WWE and beating Brock Lesnar in quick fashion at WrestleMania. Orton looked directly into the camera and stated that McIntyre has what he wants. Orton said he wanted a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam and vowed to take his title.

Shayna Baszler Interrupted Nia Jax

Nia Jax made her way to the ring and said she was listening to Orton talk and knows exactly how he feels. Jax complained about being screwed out of the RAW Women’s Championship by a certain referee. Shayna Baszler interrupted and marched down to the ring.

Shayna got in Nia’s face and told her that nobody gives a damn what she wants. Jax leveled Baszler with a punch to the face and launched her across the ring. Shayna battled back with a couple of punches before WWE officials rushed the ring and separated them.

Basler and Nia Jax then competed later on RAW. The action quickly spilled out of the ring and the two superstars were counted out. Security tried to separate them again but Baszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch on one of them. Jax booted the other security guard out of the ring and then knocked Shayna off the apron.

Andrade & Garza Earned A Title Shot At SummerSlam

Viking Raiders, Cedric Alexander & Ricochet, and Anrade & Garza competed in a Triple Threat Tag Team match to determine who will face Street Profits at SummerSlam for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Street Profits joined commentary for the match.

Match Recap: Andrade and Garza snuck out of the ring when the match started but Viking Raiders brought them back inside. Ricochet and Alexander beat Garza down as Ivar slammed Andrade to the floor. Erik then Body Slammed Ivar on top of Andrade.

Erik Dropkicked Garza to the corner as RAW went to a break. When RAW returned, Andrade hit Double Knees and went for the cover but Erik kicked out at two. Ricochet tagged in an connected with a Standing Moonsault on Garza for a near fall.

Ivar made his way to the top rope and hit Alexander and Ricochet with a Senton outside the ring. Back inside the ring, Garza planted Alexander with the Wing Clipper for the pinfall victory. Andrade and Garza will face Street Profits for the RAW Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam.

Dominik Confronted Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins and Murphy made their way to the ring at the beginning of the 2nd hour of RAW. Rollins said he should be in a good mood but isn’t because somebody is always standing in the way of the greater good. Seth added that Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio, and Aleister Black are all injured because they got in the way of the greater good.

Rollins pointed out that the last time Dominik said he was going to confront him, he jumped him from behind and things got a lot more violent than he wanted. Seth claimed to have a soft spot in his heard for the Mysterio family and asked Dominik to come to the ring so they can talk this out.

Dominik appeared at the top of the entrance ramp and Rollins asked him to come to the ring. Rollins told Dominik that everything is okay and he is here for him. Dominik tackled Rollins but Murphy quickly attacked him from behind. Rollins and Murphy launched Dominik into the barricade and stomped on him.

Rollins and Murphy were about to shove Dominik’s eye into the steel steps but Aleister Black broke it up. They then beat Aleister Black down and threw him into the plexiglass. Seth then hit Black with the Stomp and told Murphy to shove Aleister’s eye into the steel steps. Murphy hesitated and Rollins slapped him in the face. Murphy shoved Aleister’s eye into the corner of the steel steps. Dominik hit Rollins and Murphy with a kendo stick and they retreated.

Lashley Dominated Mustafa Ali

MVP, Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin were in the ring for an episode of the VIP Lounge. MVP said he wants to help Mustafa Ali see the light and asked him to come to the ring.

MVP welcomed Mustafa to the VIP Lounge and stated this is where made men congregate. Mustafa Ali said that he was happy to be back and to finally have an opportunity to become a champion. MVP told Ali that he needs to hang out with the right people and the right things will happen.

Mustafa Ali told MVP that he thinks for himself and always will. MVP stated that Apollo Crews went down that road and is now sitting at home on the couch. Mustafa once again declined to join MVP’s group as R-Truth rushed the ring. R-Truth tried to roll-up Shelton Benjamin to win the 24/7 Championship but Shelton kicked out. Lashley and Mustafa Ali then competed in a singles match and Bobby picked up the win via submission.

Sasha Banks Won The RAW Women’s Championship Via Count-Out

Bayley and Sasha Banks cut a promo and called Stephanie McMahon a bully. Banks claimed that Stephanie was jealous of them because they run the whole company. Bayley added that they lead by example and stand against injustice. Bayley once again claimed that she did the right thing by putting on the referee’s shirt and counting to three at Extreme Rules. Banks and Asuka then battled for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Match Recap: Asuka controlled the action early and hit Banks with a Hip Attack. Asuka applied an Arm Bar but Sasha was able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold. Sasha took Asuka to the canvas and locked in a Half Crab. Banks then focused her attack on Asuka‘s left knee before Asuka booted her out of the ring. Banks threw the RAW Women’s Championship to Asuka and pretended that she hit her with it. The referee wasn’t buying it and Asuka connected with a kick to the face as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Banks was back in control and hit Asuka with a DDT for a near fall. Asuka went for the Hip Attack but Banks dodged it and slammed Asuka‘s knee onto the ring apron. Sasha followed it up with a Meteora for a two count before locking in the Half Crab again.

Asuka escaped and applied an Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring. Sasha Banks broke free and sent Asuka into the turnbuckle. Banks climbed to the middle rope and leaped into Double Knees from Asuka.

Asuka planted Sasha with a German Suplex and followed it up with a Hip Attack for a two count. Asuka perched Sasha up on the top turnbuckle but Banks hit her with a headbutt. Sasha connected with a Frog Splash for a two count and then applied the Bank Statement in the middle of the ring. Asuka escaped and Sasha threw her out of the ring. Banks then slammed Asuka‘s knee off the announce desk.

Sasha rolled back into the ring and the referee started counting. Asuka got into the ring at the last second and Sasha couldn’t believe it. Sasha locked in the Bank Statement again but Asuka countered into the Ankle Lock. Banks broke free and Asuka hit her with a Dropkick. Bayley and Kairi Sane were then shown ont he jumbotron backstage.

Bayley slammed Kairi into the wall several times and continued to beat her down as Asuka looked on. Asuka rushed backstage to help Kairi Sane as the referee started counting. Sasha Banks won the RAW Women’s Champion via count-out. After the match, Asuka flipped out when asked about Kairi’s condition.

Opinion: I wasn’t a fan of the ending but this was WWE‘s way of writing Kairi Sane off of television. Despite the ending, Banks and Asuka put on awesome match tonight. It will be interesting to see where this storyline goes from here. Asuka is clearly going to want revenge and who knows if something will come from Banks & Bayley calling Stephanie McMahon a bully before. the match.

Orton Hit McIntyre With An RKO Out Of Nowhere

Drew McIntyre defended his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler in the main event. McIntyre said it is official that he will defend his title against Randy Orton at SummerSlam. Drew said he hopes Randy underestimates him and Dolph Ziggler came to the entrance ramp. Ziggler wanted to know what the stipulation was and McIntyre announced it was an Extreme Rules match.

Match Recap: McIntyre sent Ziggler flying into the ring post and then launched him into the plexiglass. Drew brought a table and several chair into the ring. McIntyre set up the the corner and stuck Dolph with a chair. Ziggler hit McIntyre with a low blow and the WWE Champion fell to the canvas. Ziggler controlled the action for the next few minutes until McIntyre slammed him through the barricade as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, McIntyre planted Dolph with a Belly to Belly Suplex and followed it up with a Flying Clothesline off the top rope. Ziggler dodged the Future Shock DDT and connected with a Fameasser.

Dolph made his way to the top rope but McIntyre caught him with a punch to the face. McIntyre connected with a Superplex and went for the Claymore but Dolph countered with the Zig Zag for a near fall. McIntyre leveled Ziggler with a Claymore through the table for the pinfall victory. Drew McIntyre is still WWE Champion. Randy Orton hit McIntyre with an RKO out of nowhere to close the show.

Opinion: Orton’s promo and the RAW Women’s Championship were great and the rest of the show was terrible. I thought it was title match but I guess it was switched and Ziggler vs. McIntyre wound up being a complete afterthought. Humberto Carrillo lost tonight to Murphy, but for some reason didn’t assist Aleister Black when he was getting his face shoved into the steel steps. Mustafa Ali made his triumphant return last week and he’s already back to the same place he has always been after losing tonight.