Brandi Rhodes Deactivates Her Twitter Account


Brandi Rhodes has deactivated her Twitter account.

AEW‘s Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes has deactivated her Twitter account. Comments on her Instagram account have also been limited. While Brandi has not made any statement as to why she has left Twitter and limited comments on Instagram, many are speculating it has to do with the reaction to her AEW Heels fan club initiative.

Some fans were upset with the $50 price tag attached to the club. Many of these fans voiced their negative opinion on Twitter.

Brandi’s initiative was motivated by her desire to create a safe space online for female wrestling fans. The negative reaction she received for this may have resulted in her leaving social media, at least temporarily. She spoke to about what led her to want to create a fan club for women.

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“The idea came from me watching people interact on social media,” said Brandi. “I saw women getting bashed for having an opinion just because they were a woman having an opinion. That inspired me to create a place where female fans can voice their opinions.”

“Don’t let someone take your opinion away from you. Don’t let that ever shut you down, talk about what you love. This platform is a place where women can be themselves as wrestling fans, create friendships, and learn. We can create a movement,” she continued.

Brandi joins the Young Bucks and several other wrestlers to abandon the app in recent months. Mauro Ranallo also left Twitter following criticism lobbied against him by Corey Graves.