CM Punk Thinks Big E Should ‘Dump’ New Day For Singles Run


CM Punk has commented on Big E's current singles push, arguing that now is the time for him to detach from the New Day.

Add CM Punk to the growing list of people who are interested in New Day member Big E breaking off as a singles competitor.

Punk made the comments this week during a SummerSlam 1992 Watch Party with Renee Young, Booker T and Finn Balor.

Punk agreed with Booker T that now is the time for Big E to make a name for himself. He believes that in order to that, Big E needs to detach himself from the New Day. He pointed to how the group has been together for a long time and that to succeed, Big E would need to disassociate with both Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

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“I definitely thinkā€¦Big E and New Day they’ve been rolling for like how long?” Punk asked. “I agree with you that he has to dump Woods and Kofi, kick those guys to the curb. That’s what we’re talking about right?”

Booker T chimed in on Punk’s sentiments, adding how he believes that for Big E to make an immediate, memorable impact, he needs to turn heel against his New Day cohorts. Booker T stressed how, although attacking Kingston would send a message, he believes Big E should focus on attacking Woods.

This prompted Young to share how many of the WWE Universe aren’t interested in the New Day breaking up. Instead, they would rather have the group succeed alongside a successful Big E singles push. CM Punk replied how “Sometimes that’s the best thing to do, something that people don’t want to see.”

Both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are currently injured. Kingston is expected to be out for up to 6 weeks. Woods, meanwhile, is still rehabbing and recovering from a torn Achilles Tendon. Their absence has placed Big E in prime position for a singles run.3