Impact Results (8/11): Brian Myers Is “The Most Professional Wrestler”


Impact 8/11 featured the build to Emergence next week.

Impact Wrestling presented a show on AXS TV and Twitch last night. The card was the go-home show before the 2-week Emergence event that starts next Tuesday night. It featured the in-ring return to the promotion of Brian Myers, who now wishes to be referred to as “The Most Professional Wrestler.”

Impact Results 8/11:

  1. Eric Young defeated Willie Mack
  2. Jordynne Grace defeated Kimber Lee
  3. Wrestle House
    Larry D defeated Acey Romero
  4. No DQ
    Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defeated Neveah & Havok
  5. Dez vs Suicide – No Contest
  6. Wrestle House
    Susie defeated Alisha Edwards
  7. Impact World Championship
    Eddie Edwards (c) defeated Brian Myers

Here are 10 takeaways from Impact 8/11:

“The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers Faces Eddie Edwards

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Brian Myers returned to Impact Wrestling in the main event this week. He answered Eddie Edwards’ open challenge for a shot at the belt. Edwards had called out Eric Young for a match but Myers answered instead. He told the champion that in Edwards’ hands, the Impact World title is a “belt” but in Myers’ hands, it would be a “championship”, which is perhaps a nod to what Myers means when he says he’s “The Most Professional Wrestler.”

Myers would give the champion all he could handle but in the end he couldn’t dodge multiple Boston Knee Party attempts, allowing the champion to retain his title. Edwards will continue his Open Challenge for the Impact World Championship at Emergence as well.

The Good Brothers To Face Ace Austin & Madman Fulton At Emergence

It was announced this week that Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows will face Ace Austin and Madman Fulton next week on night 1 of Emergence. Recently on Impact, Austin planted a trap for the Good Brothers which resulted in Gallows being arrested. This allowed Austin and Fulton to attack Anderson 2-on-1. This week on Impact, Anderson and Gallows were on the search for Austin and Fulton.

Later in the show, The Good Brothers told Scott D’Amore that they were headed out to the ring to search for Austin and Fulton. This caused D’Amore to remark that he was getting some real “Hall and Nash” vibes from Anderson and Gallows.

Anderson and Gallows then interrupted the match between Dez and Suicide. They called out Austin and Fulton but only got them to appear on the big screen. Austin and Fulton said they will fight the Good Brothers on their terms, which will be next week on night 1 of Emergence.

EC3 Says He Must Destroy Moose

EC3 says he is returning to Impact Wrestling to destroy his past. Part of his past is the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and EC3 let the current self-proclaimed holder of that title, Moose, know this week that he is coming to destroy him.

EC3 found a rather interesting way to deliver his promo this week as well. As Moose was backstage, an image of EC3 was projected on the wall. The former champ let Moose know that he is coming to destroy what he currently holds as it is synonymous with his past.

Susie Showed Cousin Jake Her True Self Then Blamed Alisha For Their Bad Date

Wrestle House sure has developed into a showcase of Impact’s humorous side. This week saw Susie, Alisha, and the Deaners all involved in an interesting angle.

Susie and Cousin Jake seemed to have a bit of a budding romance going. Alisha was helping Susie with her dating game but things didn’t go too well. Cousin Jake got all dressed up in his best Fantastics gear and Susie repeatedly mentioned that she has the runs, which set the stage for their dinner date. Unfortunately, when Jake was saying he had a good time, Susie showed him her “true self” which is, of course, a dark and frightening undead soul. Upon seeing this, Jake fled. Susie then blamed Alisha’s dating advice for this and the two ended up having a match.

With Crazzy Steve serving as a rather unorthodox referee, Susie was able to secure the victory with a roll-up pin.

After the match, Taya attempted to get everyone back in the living room to continue watching “The Best of Taya Valkyrie.” Kylie Rae suggested they go to bed instead and this seemed to irritate Taya, as most things Kylie says seem to do. Taya mentioned that while Kylie is the #1 contender to the Knockouts title, she’s never defeated a champion. This led to Kylie challenging Taya but Taya mentioning she’s “all booked up” right now.

Jordynne Grace defeated Kimber Lee, Deonna Purrazzo Sets Stipulation For Emergence

Last week on Impact, Kimber Lee struck a deal with Deonna Purrazzo. Kimber Lee said she would take out Jordynne Grace for the champion so long as she was granted a title shot in return. She wasn’t able to take out the former champion, however. The end of the match came when Grace countered a swanton into a choke and got the tap out.

Later in the show, Deonna Purrazzo cut a promo and informed fans that when she faces Grace on night 2 of Emergence it will be a 30-Minute Ironman Match.

Sami Callihan Attacks Rob Van Dam On Locker Room Talk, Heath Purchases Advertisement

Madison Rayne hosted another edition of Locker Room Talk this week. She also announced that the show this week had a sponsor. A 38-second ad from Heath was then played. He encouraged fans to use the hashtag “Heath4IMPACT” to help get him a contract in the promotion.

Rayne brought on Katie Forbes and Rob Van Dam as her guests this week. When the couple began ignoring her and making out, Rayne opted to just leave. Eventually, Sami Callihan managed to teleport himself into Madison’s chair and then began attacking RVD, furthering the ongoing rivalry between the two. Forbes ended up spraying Callihan in the face with an aerosol can and this allowed RVD to turn the tables of the melee.

Eric Young Defeats An Emotional Willie Mack

Before this match began, viewers watched highlights of Rich Swann‘s emotional retirement speech and the brutal attack from Eric Young that followed. This week, Swann’s tag-team partner Willie Mack sought revenge on Eric Young when they faced each other in singles competition.

The match kicked off the show but only because the two began brawling in the backstage area before the show began. They eventually made it to the ring and decided to have their match earlier then scheduled.

Mack seemed in control of the match but he eventually let his desire for revenge cloud his judgement. He put a chair over EY’s leg, perhaps intending to injure him as he had done to Swann, and then went to the top rope. This gave Young a chance to recover, however, and he countered with a stalling pile driver for the win.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defeat Neveah & Havok In A No Disqualification Match

The ongoing tag-team rivalry between Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz and Neveah & Havok continued this week. The two teams faced off in a no disqualification match that seemingly favoured Neveah and Havok. For weeks, it seemed as though Neveah and Havok were on their way to getting revenge on Hogan & Steelz for the two singles victory they had stolen from the team as of late. No such revenge would happen here, however.

The finish of the match came when Hogan and Steelz super kicked Havok off the apron and through a table. This allowed Hogan to hit a spinning fisherman suplex for the win. Big win for Hogan and Steelz as they likely walk away from this rivalry here the strong victors.

Team XXXL Fight Following a Spell From Rosemary

Rosemary is having a difficult time trying to seduce John E Bravo on Wrestle House. Bravo’s frequent attention given to Taya Valkyrie seemed to frustrate her this week. She opted to cast a magical spell on Larry D from Team XXXL which seemed to cause him to fall in love with her. Perhaps, Rosemary was doing this in an attempt to make Bravo jealous.

With Larry D under a spell, he gets into an argument with his tag-team partner, Acey Romero over his apparent change in attitude (and lack of appetite.) This led to a match between the two partners which Larry won with a Knockout punch. He’d then point at Rosemary and say “that was for you.”

Updated Lineup For Emergence

Here is the announced lineup for Emergence Night 1:

  • Impact World Championship
    Eddie Edwards Open Challenge
  • Impact Tag Team Championships
    The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs The North
  • Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton
  • X-Division Championship
    Chris Bey (c) vs TJP vs Rohit Raju
  • Wrestle House
    Taya Valkyrie vs Kylie Rae
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Unofficial)
    Moose (c) vs Trey

For night 2, just the main event has been revealed thus far:

  • Knockouts Championship
    30-Minute Ironman Match
    Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Jordynne Grace