Cody Denied Trademark For “The American Dream” Again


Cody has once again been denied trademarking the term "The American Dream"

Cody Rhodes has again been denied a trademark for the nickname made famous by his father, Dusty Rhodes. This was his 3rd attempt at trademarking “The American Dream” and the 3rd time it has been rejected.

The US Patent and Trademark Office shows Cody attempted to trademark the term on June 25th, 2019.

According to documents obtained by HeelByNature, Cody filed for a reconsideration of the rejected trademark application recently. The filing was again rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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The following statement was attached to the document and given as reason why the filing was rejected:

“The mark is a stage name for a living individual whose consent is of record and also provides an acceptable specimen including a flyer promoting the services. The current specimens fail to show the mark used in commerce in connection with the applied-for services. In addition, it fails to function as a service mark as it appears to be the stage name of a deceased wrestler.”

Cody also filed to trademark several WCW PPV names in March of 2019. Earlier this year, he also filed to trademark the name “Cody Rhodes.”