Details On Storyline Direction For Paul Heyman & Roman Reigns


Here is what WWE has planned for the dynamic of this duo

WWE got fans talking when they paired Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman together on television. 

It didn’t take “The Big Dog” long to find success with Heyman at his side. 

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE has plans to make the pairing have a dynamic as different as possible from Heyman’s pairing with Lesnar, who is good friends with Heyman. Meltzer pointed out how Lesnar smiled at his promos, laughed at his jokes, and long-time fans knew the relationship dated back to 2002. 

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When it comes to his pairing with Reigns, it’s the opposite as there is no friendship and the idea is that Reigns is in charge of the relationship. There’s also the idea of how Heyman was done in wrestling with Lesnar gone and had nothing left until he was approached by Reigns. Thus, Heyman feels that Reigns saved his career. 

Meltzer noted that there will be catchphrases such as “Reigning, defending, undisputed champion.” There will also be a designation of him as the Special Counsel and Reigns will be the Tribal Chief. 

This was said to be a takeoff on Peter Maivia’s role in Samoan culture in the 70s.