Erick Rowan Comments On Potential Reunion With Brodie Lee


Erick Rowan discusses a potential Bludgeon Brothers reunion

Both Erick Rowan and Luke Harper once wrestled under the leadership of Bray Wyatt. After the disbanding of the Wyatt Family the two had numerous stints as a tag team before being released from WWE.

However, things have changed now as Luke Harper has joined AEW as the leader of the Dark Order, Brodie Lee and Rowan will likely have to accept the leadership of the current TNT champion for a possible reunion between the two.

The former WWE star talked about the possibility of reuniting with Lee during a recent Q & A with Pro Wrestling Junkies and Erick Rowan said that he is not sure how to answer that question:

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“I’m not really sure how to answer that question because I’m not used to him being the leader, I’ll have to watch a little bit more of his stuff. Yeah, I’d love to lock back up with Brodie and get back together, but there’s a place and a time for it, you know? Now just might not be the right time.”

Rowan also talked about his future in pro wrestling and explained that he hasn’t joined any company because he doesn’t want to get lost in the shuffle once again.

Though later in the session, the former Wyatt Family member revealed that he has been training recently and according to him, he is staying ready for a potential in ring return.