Impact Results 9/1: Eric Young Wins World Championship


Eric Young won the Impact World Championship on the promotion's September 1st, 2020 card.

Impact 9/1 featured a changing of the guard as Eric Young defeated Eddie Edwards to win the World Championship. Additionally, the Knockouts Champion’s black-tie event did not go as she hoped and Rob Van Dam squared off with Sami Callihan.

Impact 9/1 Quick Results:

  1. Sami Callihan defeated Rob Van Dam w/ Katie Forbes
  2. Rhino defeated Reno Scum
  3. Wrestle House
    Susie defeated The Deaners & Team XXXL
  4. The Rascalz defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton
  5. Wrestle House
    Taya Valkyrie defeated Rosemary (John E. Bravo – referee)
  6. Impact World Championship
    Eric Young defeated Eddie Edwards (c) – New Champion

Here are 9 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 9/1:

Eric Young Wins Impact World Championship

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For the second time in his career, Eric Young is the Impact World Champion. In the main event, Young took advantage of a distracted referee to hit Edwards with a hockey mask followed by a pile driver for the win. After the match, Young continued the assault on the former champion, targeting his leg much like has done previously to Rich Swann.

Young returned to the promotion at Slammiversary and immediately unleashed his vicious maniac side. Now, he’s the new world champion.

Moose Continues To Search For EC3

EC3 took the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt from Moose recently and this week Moose spent the whole show searching for him. EC3 said he’s going to destroy the title belt and send it back to Moose piece by piece.

In the final segment of the show, Moose discovers a room that has photos of him plastered all over it. It looks like someone, likely EC3, has been watching Moose and perhaps plotting something against him. Moose is concerned as the show goes off the air.

Tenille Dashwood Returns, Interrupts Deonna Purrazzo’s Black Tie Celebration

Deonna Purrazzo had a special segment planned for this week to celebrate her victory over Jordynne Grace. Purrazzo and Kimber Lee were in the ring as several members of the roster surrounding the ring area. Purrazzo talked about having painted a masterpiece in her matches against Jordynne Grace at Slammiversary and Emergence. This brought out Grace, however, who told the champ her reign is not going to last.

As Grace was talking, Tenille Dashwood’s music hit and she came out for the first time in months. Dashwood joked about how everyone must be there to celebrate her return. She told Purrazzo that she’s never defeated her. Grace, Purrazzo, and Dashwood were arguing when the cast of Wrestle House teleported inside the ring. This requires its own subheading:

The Cast Of Wrestle House Teleports Back Into The Impact Zone

Storylines concluded, mysteries were solved, and character arcs were completed this week, leading to the cast of Wrestle House returning to the Impact Zone. In fact, they teleported there.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Rosemary in a match that was “Winner Takes All” this week. John E Bravo was included in the “All”. Valkyrie picked up the victory with the Road to Valhalla but the real developments took place after the match. Bravo proposed marriage to Rosemary, who was at first reluctant due to the fact that she is a demon. Taya then appeared to briefly overcome her selfishness and gave the union her blessing. These developments pleased Kylie Rae who has been hoping to get back to the Impact Zone as she is the #1 contender to the Knockouts title. Taya agreed that the cast can go back and as they celebrated this fact, they all disappeared. They would reappear in the middle of the ring during Purrazzo’s celebration.

After the cast teleported in the ring during Purrazzo’s black tie affair, Kylie Rae ducked an attack from Purrazzo and ended up in a skirmish with Kimber Lee. Kylie super-kicked Kimber Lee out of the ring and held up the Knockouts title and celebrated with Susie.

Susie Has Blood On Her Hands

Team XXXL and The Deaners also got into this week on Wrestle House. The Deaners have been searching for who stole their beer and Larry D and Acey Romero are easy targets for such accusations. They comically brawled throughout the whole house until Susie involved herself in the match. Susie and Cousin Jake went on a rather bad date recently and Susie seems motivated to ensure the Deaners and Team XXXL abide by the truce they brokered earlier.

When Susie realized the two teams had broken the truce, she was not pleased. Her anger seemed to cause some visual disturbances on-screen and the audience did not see exactly what she may have done to Cousin Jake and the others involved in the match. When she came out of the room, however, Tommy Dreamer made the call to just name her the winner of the match. As he raised her hand it became clear that Susie literally had blood on her hands.

It was later revealed that Crazzy Steve is the one who took the beer, as he was not able to read the labels and didn’t know whose it was.

Heath Helps Rhino Beat Reno Scum

Heath disguised himself as a cameraman this week to help his tag-team partner, Rhino, defeated Reno Scum. The former Heath Slater has been lobbying Impact management for a contract in recent weeks but Scott D’Amore didn’t sign him in time to team with Rhino for this match.

With Heath still unsigned, Rhino started the match against Reno Scum on his own. The finish of the match came when Heath put down the camera and hit the Wake Up Call on Adam Thornstowe with the referee distracted. Rhino then covered him for the win.

After the match, D’Amore came to ringside as Rhino and Heath celebrated in the ring. Security chased Heath out of the ring and D’Amore looked upset at Rhino.

The Rascalz To Challenge Motor City Machine Guns For Titles

Wentz and Dez of the Rascalz defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton this week. They utilized their tandem offence to keep the big man on the outside of the ring and double-team Austin.

After the match, Impact tag champs the Motor City Machine Guns appeared on the ramp. MCMG defeated the Rascalz in an Open Challenge match at Slammiversary. The MCMG noted that the Rascalz were not prepared for who they would be facing in that match and offered up a title shot to them next week.

RVD and Katie Forbes Attack Sami Callihan After Match

In the opening match this week, Sami Callihan faced off with Rob Van Dam. This rivalry has been brewing ever since Katie Forbes mistook Callihan for a fan backstage. Callihan then interrupted a segment where Forbes was going to release new photos from her website.

Madison Rayne noted on commentary during this match that Forbes’ frequent attempts at interfering often don’t work out well for RVD. Forbes would get involved at the end of this match as well. As Callihan was going for a pile driver, Forbes got in the ring and began twerking. Callihan then chased her out of the ring and RVD attempted to roll-up Callihan into a pinning combination. Callihan reversed the pinning combination, however, and got a 3-count on RVD.

After the match, RVD attacked Callihan as his attention was focused on Forbes. Forbes and RVD closed the segment by attacking Callihan with a chair in the corner.

Next Week On Impact Wrestling

Here are the matches that are scheduled for next week:

  • Impact Tag Team Championships
    The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs The Rascal
  • Chris Bey vs TJP
  • Locker Room Talk with Susie and Kylie Rae