Jim Cornette Talks WWE Firing Gerald Brisco – “what the f*ck seriously?”


The outspoken pro wrestling personality weighs in on WWE releasing Gerald Brisco

Former WWE on screen personality and NWA commentator Jim Cornette recently commented on Gerald Brisco being fired from WWE.

Brisco recently took to Twitter and announced that he was informed of the departure by Vince McMahon himself. Gerald Brisco, who has worked as a talent scout in recent years; said he will still be ‘around’ to work with talent if they need help.

Jim Cornette would mention the release on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, and he was not happy with how WWE have dealt with the situation.

Jim Cornette on Gerald Brisco

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“They have released Gerald Brisco, what the f*ck seriously?” Jim Cornette began on the show. “Gerald Brisco is in his 70s at this point. He has worked for that company for almost 40 years. If it wasn’t for Gerald Brisco and his brother Jack selling the stock in Georgia Championship Wrestling? Vince McMahon wouldn’t have got the Georgia TV.”

Cornette would elaborate on this point further, saying “he [McMahon] wouldn’t have got the million dollars from Jim Crockett for the Georgia TV. Which means he wouldn’t have been able to finance the first WrestleMania, etc etc.”

Jim Cornette would then list some of Brisco’s impressive accomplishments with WWE. “Gerald was one of the Stooges, they’ve made fun of him. He’s been a scout and he signed a bunch of talent. He was the one that was chasing Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin. He’s scouted all the amateur wrestling meets and he’s tracked down talent. His record as an employee? It has been pretty much impeccable.”

“On Retainer”

Cornette would finish by saying that WWE should’ve ‘retired’ Brisco and kept him on a retainer, just in case he was needed. With the company recently posting their highest quarter on record? It’s not been a good look for WWE with so many talent, backstage crew and agents/producers being let go.

“They couldn’t just say ‘okay Gerald, here’s a flat amount you’re on retainer. You’re retired now. Except when we need you to travel somewhere and scout out a piece of talent. Have a wonderful retirement. No they f*cking release him and publicise it. Would it have hurt the WWE bottom line to send Gerald Brisco $1,000 a week in his retirement as a retainer to keep his services?”

Do you agree with Cornette, should Gerald Brisco have been looked after more by WWE? Let us know in the comments

Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette (Photo: Vice)