Miro Talks AEW Not Barring Third Party Revenue for Performers


The former Rusev talks being with a company that actively promotes his social media profile

Former WWE Superstar and newly signed AEW performer Miro recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. The ‘Bulgarian Brute’ discussed a number of topics during his time on the show; including the promotion of his outside projects within AEW‘s programming.

Miro on AEW Promoting His Content

“Being with the company that actually promotes my stuff? They promote my YouTube channel, they promote Twitch, my social media. They wanted to do that because this is the way of the future. There are all these other dinosaurs [that won’t allow that]. We don’t need that, we don’t need that.”

Miro was of course referring to WWE and the recent policy that was put in place regarding third party sites. Twitch, Cameo and YouTube were particuarly being looked at by WWE as ‘harming potential’ for revenue.

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WWE‘s recent crackdown on third party streaming platforms has been gaining a lot of traction, even in the mainstream. WWE has always been quick to refer to their ‘independent contractor’ status of their Superstars; however this recent move to choke Superstar’s earning potential on external services has called this into question once again.

Andrew Yang

Former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang recently discussed why he called out WWE for their practices in light of the third party ‘ban.’

“I actually got a message from someone who is part of the WWE, pointing out to me the story about how WWE was saying, ‘Hey, don’t go on Cameo or Twitch.’” Yang would stated. “And it infuriated me because I know that the WWE has been trying to play it both ways for years, where they’re saying on one hand, ‘Can’t do anything without our say so. We own you, but you’re an independent contractor and we have nothing to do with your health, retirement, any of the benefits you’d get that would accrue to an employee.’ (h/t to 411mania.com for this transcription).

It was recently reported that WWE had made certain changes to the policy. These were mainly focused on Superstars not using their trademarked WWE character name for their third party use. This becomes a bit more murky when you factor in the amount of performers who use their real name when streaming or on Cameo.

Chris Jericho says he wrote the controversial line in Miro's promo
Chris Jericho says he wrote the controversial line in Miro’s promo