The Rock Endorses Joe Biden For US President


The Rock has endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President of the United States of America.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has publicly endorsed Joe Biden for President of the United States. He put out a video on social media today to announce the news.

“Happy Sunday everybody,” Rock begins the video. “We are approximately 5 weeks away from election day. Arguably the most critical election our country has seen in decades.”

“Look, I’ve got friends in all parties, but one thing we can always agree on is the conversation and the dialogue and where that conversation lands is always the most critical part.”

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“Now, this is something that I’ve certainly not done in the past, so I’m going to go big. You guys know me, if I go, I go big. So guys I had the opportunity to sit down with Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris to talk about a number of important issues that we are facing as a country. I thought it was a great and extremely productive conversation that we had.”

“As a registered independent for years now with centrist ideologies, I do feel that Vice President Biden and Senator Harris are the best choice to lead our country and I’m endorsing them to become President and Vice President of our United States.”

The Rock continued to talk about his conversation with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and even played clips from it as the video continues. The full video can be played in the Tweet below: