The Undertaker: Vince McMahon ‘Did Not Like’ Original Ending To The Last Ride


The Undertaker has revealed Vince McMahon "did not like" the original ending to his docuseries, The Last Ride, insisting that the edit reinstated his "never say never" line.

The Undertaker has divulged that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon did not approve the original ending to his recent WWE Network docuseries, The Last Ride.

According to Undertaker, Vince McMahon was behind the “never say never” line. The intentional addition of this line teased that the door was always open to a potential return for “The Dead Man.”

“I had to send the last 15 minutes of the final episode [The Revelation] to the Chairman [for approval],” The Undertaker informed Barstool Sports. “Needless to say, he did not like the ending. That’s why we had to put the “Never Say Never” line back in there, just to leave the door open.”

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When filming first began for the documentary, The Undertaker confessed how he remained conflicted over his career. He admitted how outside influences mixed with his internal thoughts, creating a lot of pressure for his decision. 

“I had a group of people telling me stuff like, ‘You can still go out to the ring and people will go crazy.’ On the inside, I’m thinking, ‘I don’t move the way I used to, and this is a watered down version of The Undertaker.’ I needed to get a point where this documentary will solidify [my retirement] and I wouldn’t have a choice. It was almost like I needed somebody to put the bullet in there and stop it.” 

He admitted that when WWE begins heading towards WrestleMania season, he will start to have an “internal feeling” that he should be preparing for a match. However, he believes once he gets past that time period, he’ll be able to breathe a little easier once more.