WWE’s Live Events Department “In Shambles” After More Cutbacks


More firings were made.

On Thursday, WWE made a series of cuts that was across the board in the company. The number was in the range of 60 through 70 people who lost their jobs. None of the firings included wrestlers. 

Wrestling Inc reports that more WWE cutbacks took place on Friday. It was noted that WWE‘s live events department is “in shambles.”

Per the report, there were between 12 – 15 people from WWE‘s live events division that were let go. This includes a high ranking Vice President, which should be made public soon.

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It was noted that news was heartbreaking and would seem to signal WWE will not be getting back to doing live events anytime soon. Although the cuts were said to be extensive, some of the “higher ups” could be retained.

Mike Rotunda’s release was an indicator that WWE‘s plans for more upcoming live events have been scrapped. Many of WWE‘s furloughed employees will be let go and the cuts were “spreading like wildfire” in every part of the company.

Although WWE live events have been declining for decades, in recent years, attendance has fallen hard. 

Earlier this year, McMahon told investors that he wasn’t sure whether WWE would remain operating the live event business the way they had been.