AEW Dynamite Results (10/28): Town Hall Meeting, Title Eliminator Tournament


AEW Dynamite aired from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. In addition to the takeaways below, Miro and Kip Sabian attacked Best Friends backstage.

Dynamite Results (10/28)

  1. Hangman Page def. Wardlow to advance to the finals of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament
  2. Eddie Kingston def. Matt Sydal
  3. Cody def. Orange Cassidy to retain the TNT Championship
  4. Serena Deeb def. Leyla Hirsch
  5. Shawn Spears squashed VSK
  6. Kenny Omega def. Pentagon Jr. to advance to the finals of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Hangman Page Advanced To The Finals Of The Eliminator Tournament

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Dynamite kicked off with MJF telling Wardlow that if he becomes champion he will be the AEW Champion because Wardlow is under contract with him. Sammy Guevara interrupted and told MJF that he is going to make sure that he doesn’t join Inner Circle. MJF told Sammy that he should never cut promos and looks like he sells aderrall to middle schoolers. Wardlow then battled Hangman Page in the 2nd round of the AEW Eliminator Tournament.

Match Recap: Hangman went right after Wardlow to start the match off but Wardlow quickly battled back and beat Page down in the corner of the ring. The action spilled to the outside and Hangman shoved Wardlow into the steel ring post. Wardlow responded with a massive Spear that sent Hangman Page through the barricade.

Back in the ring, Wardlow continued to dominate and stomped on Hangman. Wardlow connected with a Gutwrench Powerbomb for a near fall. Wardlow went for a Senton off the top rope but Hangman got out of the way. Hangman Page Clotheslined Wardlow out of the ring and made his way to the top rope.

Hangman connected with a massive Moonsault and both men fell to the floor outside the ring. Back in the ring, Hangman hit a Shooting Star Press for a one count. Hangman went for the Buckshot Lariat but Wardlow countered with a Clothesline of his own for near fall.

Wardlow hit F10 but couldn’t go for the cover because Page rolled out of the ring. Hangman planted Wardlow with a Fallaway Slam off the top rope and then went to the apron. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat but Wardlow didn’t go down. Hangman followed it up with another Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall victory. Hangman Page advanced to the finals of the AEW Eliminator Tournament.

Eddie Kingston Sent A Message To Jon Moxley

Photo Credit: AEW

Eddie Kingston battled Matt Sydal tonight. Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny accompanied Kingston to the ring. Eddie Kingston said that he is sick of talking and wants a fight but AEW Champion Jon Moxley is at home. Kingston called Jon a coward and once again noted that he wasn’t eliminated from Casino Battle Royal. Eddie called Sydal the joker for his epic botch during the Battle Royal.

Match Recap: Kingston refused to lock up with Sydal to start the match. They then locked up and Kingston drove Sydal to the corner. Sydal escaped and hit Kingston with a chop to the chest. Sydal hit a couple Arm Drags then locked in an Armbar. Sydal booted Kingston in the face and followed it up with a Dropkick for a two count.

Kingston slammed Sydal to the mat and hit him with an Elbow Drop as Dynamite went to a commercial break. When Dynamite returned, Sydal hit Kingston with a Dropkick for a two count. Sydal followed it up with a Hurricanrana and then Double Knees for another near fall.

Eddie caught Sydal with a knee to the midsection as Jake Roberts and Lance Archer were shown watching in the crowd. Kingston used Moxley’s Bulldog Choke for the submission victory. Kingston refused to let go of the hold as Butcher, Blade, and Bunny got in the ring. Eddie demanded that Sydal say he quits and Matt did. Kingston will face Jon Moxley at Full Gear in an I Quit match for the AEW Championship.

The Young Bucks Will Not Challenge For The AEW Tag Team Titles Again If They Lose At Full Gear

Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson "The Young Bucks"
Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson “The Young Bucks”

Excalibur sat down with the Young Bucks and AEW Tag Team Champions FTR were at a different location via satellite. Matt Jackson said that his injury will not stop them from battling FTR at Full Gear. FTR stated that whoever wins at Full Gear will cement their legacy as the best tag team in the world.

Excalibur suggested that what happened to Matt last week was deserved because of the recent actions of the Young Bucks. Matt said that they have been suffering for the last year and there has been something missing. Matt stated that FTR started screwing with their livelihoods and manipulating their friends.

The Young Bucks claimed that FTR has lit a fire inside them and brought back the edge that they were missing. FTR then took off their microphones and left. The Young Bucks announced that if they do not win at Full Gear they will never challenge for the AEW Tag Team Championships ever again.

MJF Can Join Inner Circle If He Defeats Jericho At Full Gear

Tony and Dasha hosted the Town Hall Meeting tonight. Inner Circle made their way to the ring first as the crowd sang Judas. MJF then came to the ring and Luchasaurus asked the first question. Luchasaurus asked MJF how can he add to the earning potential of Inner Circle and MJF presented a chart. MJF claimed that he had all of the top financial advisors help him on it and the chard said that Inner Circle’s earnings would go up if he joined.

Britt Baker and Reba asked the next question. Reba said Jericho has a great smile and is so handsome. Britt told her to stop being weird and shoved her away. Baker noted that MJF has a terrible track record when it comes to friendship and wondered how Jericho felt about that.

Jericho said he is not a dipshit like Cody and will knock MJF‘s teeth down his throat if he turns on them. MJF said that they will get a whole lot of green and a lot of gold if he joins Inner Circle. Peter Avalon asked if he could join the Innter Circle and they laughed in his face.

Eric Bischoff returned and asked a three pronged question. Bischoff said president John F. Kennedy said “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” and asked MJF what he can do for Inner Circle. MJF simply responded “friendship” and the crowd booed.

Bischoff stated that most consider MJF as nearly a complete package and wondered what Inner Circle could do for him. MJF corrected Bischoff and said he is not nearly a total package, he is a total package. Eric noted that he worked with Jericho for many years and called him a primadonna.

Jericho tried to respond but Schiavone interrupted and told Chris to shut up. Bischoff said MJF was a primadonna as well and said that they just might wind up killing each other if MJF joins Inner Circle. MJF dodged the question and Jericho asked how are they supposed to know that MJF wont stab them in the back.

MJF stated that he gave Jericho the best segment of his career last week on Dynamite. MJF asked Chris what exactly hasn’t he done and Jericho said that he has never beat him. Jericho challenged MJF to a match at Full Gear and if MJF wins he can join Inner Circle. MJF told Jericho that he will do whatever it takes to win the match at Full Gear.

Ortiz told MJF to shut up and that he doesn’t want him in Inner Circle. Ortiz said that he is teaming with Sammy next week to face MJF and Wardlow and that MJF will not make it to the PPV.