Big E Reveals New Day’s Reaction To Being Split Up


Big E remained on Smackdown while Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were drafted to RAW.

During the recent WWE Draft, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were drafted to RAW but Big E remained on Smackdown. In recent months, Big E had started a singles career when both Woods and Kofi were on the shelf with injuries. Big E recently spoke to Fox Sports and talked about how he found out that he would be on separate brands from his teammates.

“We probably got two days in advance,” Big E said. “Which, I think a lot of it was to ensure that we didn’t show up to work and if we heard the news then, I assume that people just imagine that we would be tearing up the halls, knocking down doors, crying in public, just fits of rage.”

He continued to talk about how when they were first informed of the change, they weren’t happy about it.

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“Initially, obviously, we were not pleased,” Big E continued. “I’d heard some rumors maybe a month prior that it was something discussed. But I’ve heard rumors for years that we’re gonna be broken up, that one of us is gonna turn on the other, and we’ve been able to weather a lot of those storms.”

The New Day had their final match together (for awhile, at least) on last week’s Smackdown. They defeated Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, and Sheamus in 6-man tag action.

“We got to do something that I think was emotional, but was unique in that I can’t think of another time we got to see a faction that had as much staying power split up in the way that we did.”

The full interview with Big E can be read here.