Big E Talks Trying To Not Be a Brock Lesnar or Mark Henry in WWE


The SmackDown Superstar discusses carving his own path in the company

WWE Superstar Big E recently appeared on the WWE After The Bell w/Corey Graves podcast. The (former?) New Day member discussed a number of topics from his time with the company. One of the discussion points involved Big E‘s comical demeanor whilst being a ‘powerhouse’ wrestler.

“I think what I realized pretty quickly was ‘okay, I’m a bigger guy. I’m going to be billed as a powerhouse'” Big E began on the podcast. “But I always thought where do I be different? You have Brock, we had Mark Henry…I’m not even six feet tall. And I’m thinking about all these guys that that I’m kind of going to be compared against. All the guys that occupy a similar lane.”

Trying to Figure it Out

“So I kept thinking ‘man if I’m just another serious big guy? I don’t know how much traction I’m ever going to get in this company” Big E would continue. “So for me it was a matter of trying to figure out like…I can’t work like Apollo Crews, I can’t do what Apollo does. I can’t do that stuff, and I’m not as big as a lot of the other guys. So I tried to figure out what makes me different. What allows me to stand apart.”

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Big E would also discuss his time in the FCW developmental territory, saying how he worked on his persona whilst in the Florida based promotion. This involved coming up with comical ways to work promo class.

“So for a while you know I was doing stuff and it wasn’t…I’m sure you (Corey Graves) remember. I was doing a lot of stuff that I don’t think I could ever really do inside a WWE ring! As far as we were (the wrestlers) concerned? I was just doing goofy stuff. I forget a lot of the stuff I did!”

Are you excited for Big E to now get a singles run in WWE after such a long time with New Day? Let us know in the comments