Cedric Alexander On Why He Is Excited Mustafa Ali Is Leading Retribution


Hurt Business member Cedric Alexander has claimed he is "excited" Mustafa Ali is leading rival stable Retribution.

The Hurt Business’ newest member, Cedric Alexander, has revealed he is excited Mustafa Ali was revealed to be the leader of RETRIBUTION.

Speaking on Table Talk w/DVon, Alexander shared how he was surprised Ali was the leader of the faction. He then explained why he’s excited at the revelation despite currently being embroiled in a feud with the anti-WWE stable:

“Honestly, in a weird way, it made me excited because I’ve been waiting to get a hold of Ali again ever since we had our match at WrestleMania [34]. Now that Ali decided to make better business decisions than hanging out with Apollo [Crews] and Ricochet, I’m interested to see what he’s really going to do.

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Alexander explained how he’s always thought Ali “had a bit of a mean streak.”

He noted how Ali was one of the nicer guys in the locker room. According to him, Ali “didn’t really cause a lot of trouble.”

Cedric Alexander then stressed that Ali has never beaten him in “any way, shape, or form.”

Whether it was a singles match, tag team bout, or otherwise, Cedric Alexander claimed Ali had never bested him.

“So, that’s part of why I’m so excited that he decided to join RETRIBUTION. Now, I get to get my hands on Ali again and see if he actually learned something from me the last few years we’ve been apart.”

Mustafa Ali unveiled himself to be RETRIBUTION’s leader earlier this week on Monday Night Raw. You can see the reveal below: