Christian Talks If CM Punk Took WWE Backstage ‘Seriously’


Former WWE/TNA Superstar and multiple time World Champion Christian recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. Christian appeared on the show to discuss the release of the new Cagefighter movie.

Christian also discussed a number of other topics, including the now cancelled WWE Backstage show. Captain Charisma was asked on the show if CM Punk took the show ‘seriously’ and if he was really ‘into’ the concept at the time.

Christian on CM Punk

“I think he took it seriously” Christian began on the show. “I don’t think he would have done it if he was just going to come in and half ass it like that. I’ve never known him to be that type of guy and I don’t see why he would he would do that.”

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Christian would then praise Punk for his few infrequent appearances on the show. “But the few times that he was on the show? He was 100% present and like super into everything and had his finger on the pulse of everything that was going on. So he took it very, very seriously and I thought he did a good job.”

The ill-fated WWE Backstage show was reportedly a ‘hit’ on the FOX network. Christian recently stated that the network were very happy with the ratings that the show garnered.

When Punk was first revealed as an analyst for the now cancelled show, it was a major story that led many fans to believe he may return to WWE proper at some point. CM Punk has made it abundantly clear on several occasions that he was signed to FOX and not WWE; thus why the Straight Edge Superstar was arguably more candid and ‘honest’ than others on the program.

CM Punk did recently state that he was still ‘signed’ with FOX but his future with the network and WWE is at this time unclear.

Do you agree with Christian? Do you think CM Punk did well on WWE Backstage? Let us know in the comments