Eddie Kingston Cut A Promo After Dynamite Went Off The Air (Video)


Eddie Kingston's promo on Dynamite continued after the show went off the air.

Eddie Kingston has certainly made an impact in AEW in the short time he’s been with the promotion. He answered Cody’s open challenge for a TNT title shot in July and has since become a pivotal part of the show. Kingston attacked Jon Moxley following the main event of Wednesday’s Anniversary show. He then cut a promo that continued after Dynamite went off the air.

“Excalibur, you want to talk bad about me again? I’ll rip your tongue out of your face,” Kinston said to the commentary team.

“This is what you want huh? Big bad Jon Moxley. Ladies and gentlemen boo me all you want but this son of a b*tch sold out. He said to me the day he signed that contract to go to the land of the sports entertainers, you low life, you told me that the inmates were going to run the asylum,” Kingston said.

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Kingston continued to bash Moxley for having worked in sports-entertainment while he was a pro-wrestler.

“You son of a b**ch, you’re going to pay for leaving me behind,” Kingston continued.

Footage of Kingston’s promo can be viewed in the tweet embedded below.

A fan urged AEW President Tony Khan to the promo on a future episode of Dynamite. Khan assured him that Kingston’s promo will receive a wider audience.