Ken Shamrock Explains Why He Asked The Rock To Do The Greeting For His Impact Wrestling HOF Induction


Ken Shamrock explains how the Rock helped his pro wrestling career

Ken Shamrock made some headlines recently when he publically asked The Rock to deliver a greeting for his Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame induction and received a reply from the great one.

The MMA legend recently had an interview with Busted Open Radio where he talked about a number of things and also explained why he wanted The Rock to be a part of his induction.

Shamrock recalled his feud with the People’s Champion and his Nation Of Domination faction in 1998. The former WWE star explained that the feud helped him tremendously in his pro wrestling career:

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“I’ll never forget the things that he did for me, and the times that we spent together were special because it really did help me in my pro wrestling career, and I know he’ll tell you the same thing with me and the things that we did because that shot him up into stardom, and it wasn’t because of me.

It was because of what we were able to do together and be able to give ourselves a chance to be able to step away and do greater things at other places, but that was a start for me and for him, and he was a big part of that. So, I thought it was fitting for him to be a part of that induction because I believe that’s where it started – was with him.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Shamrock who is in both the UFC and Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame said that you shouldn’t get in the Hall Of Fame of any industry unless you have contributed to it at a high level and you are respected by the fans of the community.

Ken Shamrock’s Hall Of Fame induction was announced earlier this year and he was inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame in February.