Mark Henry Tells Today’s Performers To Stop “Prostituting” Moves


WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio Mark Henry recently commented on the perceived ‘spot battle’ nature of some modern professional wrestling.

Henry was extremely critical of modern performers and his belief that they are destroying the importance of ‘finishing’ moves. “There was a time in the 80s that if you got hit with a DDT? It was OVER” Mark Henry began on the show.

Mark Henry on Finishing Moves

“You got hit with a Superkick? You were done. Piledriver? Done, any variation! Standing, sitting, Tombstone, any kind of Piledriver? It was over, cancel Christmas” Mark Henry would continue.

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The World’s Strongest Man would then note that it wasn’t any particular brand or promotion that has this ‘issue;’ Henry stated that it is entrenched across pro wrestling as a whole. “But now? It’s across every brand of pro wrestling. And I challenge every wrestler out there in the world is, don’t prostitute moves/manoeuvres. Don’t prostitute them, make them mean something.”

Henry would elaborate further, saying “allow me as a fan to start to believe and love again. What we’re hearing from the fans? Is that they love pro wrestling, they love what they got from the WWE, the WWF, and the WWWF. We still have some of those people living, we (wrestlers) should put an emphasis on the love for the business.”

Mark Henry would finish by making an incendiary comment against some of today’s stars. “The way that we ingest it as fans? It’s being shoved down our throats by people that barely know how to do it. So, the owners of the companies? Put your people to task. Veterans in the locker room? Tell the young guys quit doing sh*t that they don’t know how to do well.”

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