More Details On Ben Carter Signing With WWE


More details are available regarding Ben Carter's decision to sign with WWE over AEW.

It is currently being reported that Ben Carter has signed or is expected to sign with WWE shortly. No official announcement has been made, however. According to recent comments on Wrestling Observer Radio, Carter’s decision had much to do with current international travel restrictions.

Due to Carter living in the UK and current travel restrictions, he would not be able to travel to independent shows as much as he would have been able to before COVID-19. Not being able to work the independent shows reportedly made his decision to sign with WWE easier.

“He’s already really good but he could get a lot better by wrestling a few more years in the indies,” said Dave Meltzer.

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It is being speculated that Carter will be part of the NXT UK brand.

Carter broke out last month in matches on AEW Dark and the Late Night Dynamite special. Both AEW and WWE are said to have had interest in him although it is not clear if AEW offered him a contract as well.

News that Carter was likely headed to WWE was first revealed by Miro on a video game stream.

“We lost Ben Carter. Ben Carter is lost. He’s gone to the dark side,” said Miro. “I mean, good luck to Carter. All the best to him. I was really impressed with his stuff.”