MVP Reveals How His WWE Return Was Arranged


MVP made his WWE return during the Royal Rumble earlier this year

MVP has revealed in previous interviews that his WWE return was only expected to be a one-night deal but plans changed and he ended up sticking around for a longer run.

Since then the former US Champion has signed a new contract with the company and during a recent interview, he explained how his WWE return was arranged.

MVP recently talked to SportBible and during the interview, he revealed that it was him who had reached out to the company for a return and according to the former Impact star, he was blown away by their response:

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“At the time, my intentions were only to come back for the Royal Rumble so my son, who is now a massive wrestling fan, could see daddy perform. It was a surprise for him and I had his mother and sister bring him out.

“When I contacted WWE and asked about coming back as a surprise entry, I was blown away by how happy they were to have me. They got floor seats for my little boy so he could have a great experience, and he got to meet Rey Mysterio.”

MVP later explained that Paul Heyman who was the Executive Director of Raw at the time, arranged a match between him and Rey Mysterio and the company ended up offering him a position as a producer afterward.

Apart from this, the wrestling veteran talked about things like the formation of the Hurt Business, the future of Bobby Lashley and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.