Number Of Positive COVID-19 Cases In WWE Are Higher Than Originally Believed


Well, this isn't good

Bryan Alvarez talked during today’s Wrestling Observer Live about the statement issued by WWE about local officials looking to investigate venues in the Orlando area that could be COVID-19 hotspots.

As noted, the WWE Performance Center and the Amway Center aka the WWE ThunderDome were among the places listed as potential hotspots. 

Alvarez read the statement, which noted “Aventus Labs have administered more than 10,000 PCR tests to WWE performers, employees, production staff and crew resulting in only 1.5 percent positive cases as compared to the current national average of more than 5%.”

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Alvarez stated that while no official numbers are known due to WWE not releasing them, he had heard around 38 for the big outbreak and then additional people testing positive during another outbreak. The second outbreak was in the double digits. 

He stated that after this outbreak, there were a lot of people who disappeared. He noted that some of those who did disappear were due to contract tracing disappearances. This means that they didn’t have the virus, but had been around people who did have it. 

He pointed out how WWE’s own statement noted there were essentially 150 positive tests. He added that he knows for a fact that there have been people in WWE who tested positive and the people who lived with them that ended up getting COVID-19, but not counting in WWE tests. 

Alvarez stated that there is a crazy number of people that have contracted coronavirus as a result of WWE TV tapings. 

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