Reported Reason Why WWE Shortened Matt Riddle’s Name


Matt Riddle is now just Riddle.

Matt Riddle is now just Riddle in WWE. The news was revealed yesterday and his name was officially changed on According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the change was made to prevent fans from googling his name and finding out about the lawsuit from Riddle’s accuser.

“The company made the decision to drop Matt Riddle’s first name, and now he’s just ‘Riddle.’ The story was that they wanted to not have people google ‘Matt Riddle‘ and come up with the details of the lawsuit against him and WWE,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

Riddle released a Tweet saying he was fine with the decision, however.

Riddle and Booker T

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Booker T recently stated that Riddle should consider no longer wrestling in barefoot. He said as much on his radio show recently.

“I’m just saying if you’re trying to get to the World Heavyweight Championship or Universal championship, there has always been a certain look that you must have. When I’m talking Matt Riddle, I’m thinking from a promoter’s perspective. That’s all I’m thinking about,” Booker said.

Riddle then mentioned Booker T in the below Tweet:

For more on Booker T’s comments on Matt Riddle, check out the link below: