Rey Mysterio Comments On How Much Longer He Plans To Wrestle


Here's what he had to say

Rey Mysterio has had a long and successful career in the pro wrestling business. 

With the future WWE Hall of Famer getting older, there have been questions over the past few years as to how long he intends to wrestle for. This is something that he was asked about while doing an interview with Ariel Helwani of ESPN. 

“Well, I started saying at the age of 40 that I had one to three years left. Now I’m 45 and I’ve been taking care of my body these last couple of years, with stem cell treatments, with Cryo[therapy], with hyperbaric chambers. All the necessary things that we didn’t have back in the day, so I think that added another five years to my career so, truly blessed to still be able to go. 

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I remember saying as well, ‘Soon as my son is in, I’m out.’ Now my son is in, I’m enjoying this moment with my son. I’m able to share the ring with him and have the fans that have been my fans, convert to become his fans so, now, I’m not really gonna say how much time I have left but, whenever it’s time, it’s gonna be time.”

Mysterio had been in contract talks with WWE over the summer that led to him signing a new deal with the company. There’s still no word yet on how long the deal is for, but before the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE had been signing wrestlers to new deals that lasted for five years. 

Mysterio could have jumped to AEW since they offered him a big contract, he turned it down. 

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