Roman Reigns Retains Universal Title At WWE Hell In A Cell


Roman Reigns is still the tribal chief

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso brought a different intensity to their rematch. 

Unlike their previous encounter, which was a singles match, WWE booked them in a Hell in a Cell I Quit Match at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event.

The match with the Universal Title on the line saw them open the show. Reigns got the early offense while talking trash. The trend of the match was Reigns dominating with Jey having moments of life only for Reigns to put him down again. 

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Reigns hit Uso with back-to-back drive-bys on the apron with one of them being with a steel step. Reigns attacked a referee for trying to stop the match. Reigns was about to hit Jey with the steps until Jimmy Uso talked him out of it. When Reigns put Jimmy in the guillotine choke, Jey said he quit and that was the finish. 

Their first match took place last month at the WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view event. Reigns beatdown Jey so much that Jimmy, his brother, had to come out while still injured to throw in the towel. 

The following week on SmackDown, WWE set up the rematch during a celebration ceremony was held to crown Reigns as the tribal chief. When Reigns refused to be named as such because Jey did not acknowledge him, it led to this contest being made.