Sonya Deville Says She and Mandy Rose Are Best Friends Again


Sonya Deville says Mandy Rose apologized.

Mandy Rose defeated Sonya Deville at SummerSlam this August. The match carried a stipulation that the loser would leave WWE. Despite Rose ending her career, Deville says the two have made up after Rose apologized. She took to Instagram to announce their reconciliation, which evidently took place on a boat.

Deville also recently celebrated “National Coming Out Day”.

Where Is Sonya Deville?

Shortly before SummerSlam, Deville and Rose were staying at Deville’s Florida home when an intruder broke in. The suspect has been denied bond and is currently in prison awaiting trial. He is believed to have sent several disturbing messages to Deville’s social media.

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According to reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reason Deville vs Rose at SummerSlam was changed from hair vs hair to career vs career is because Deville’s legal team didn’t think it was a good idea for her to appear in court with a shaved head. Deville is believed to have been scheduled for time off after SummerSlam regardless, due to acting opportunities.

“The original idea was not to shave her bald, but to cut off most of her hair for some sort of an acting role. No word on how long she’ll be gone but she’s not leaving WWE,” wrote Dave Meltzer.