Steve Cutler On The Status Of The Forgotten Sons


Forgotten Sons member Steve Cutler has provided a status update on the stable following their removal from WWE programming.

Forgotten Sons member Steve Cutler has addressed the current status of the SmackDown faction during a recent appearance on the Borne the Battle podcast.

Cutler confessed how, at this time, it’s a waiting game. He noted that a potential return will eventually happen, explaining that their time is “coming.”

“Couldn’t tell you and I wouldn’t tell you either way. Just one of those things where it’s we’re being patient and doing what we can and waiting for our spot and waiting for our time and it’s coming, don’t worry. It’s coming.”

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Cutler explained how they have had better communication with WWE‘s SmackDown creative team as opposed to their time on NXT. He noted how the scripts they’ve been given on SmackDown contain more accurate verbiage they would use in real life. However, there is still plenty of back and forth between themselves and creative.

“[…] it’s just one of those things where you’re working back and forth and it’s like no problem. But, they kinda got the gist of us, I feel main roster on SmackDown, creative had more of an understanding of what to do with us than NXT because it’s just a — both NXT, SmackDown and RAW are all different. NXT is more wrestling based and kind of getting a character out there, but more or less everything is based on wrestling where RAW and SmackDown is the entertainment part of WWE.”

The Forgotten Sons debuted on SmackDown following WrestleMania 36. However, they were shortly removed from on-screen programming following statements stable member Jaxson Ryker made on social media.