Teddy Long On His Favorite Role In WWE


Teddy Long stayed in WWE from 1998 to 2014 and portrayed a number of roles

Teddy Long played a number of roles during his long tenure with WWE and he served as a referee, manager, and most prominently an authority figure during his time with the company.

The Hall Of Famer recently had an interview with Hannibal where he talked about a number of things and also revealed which one of his WWE roles he prefers.

Long claimed that he prefers being the General Manager because he learned a lot during his various tenures as the GM of different WWE brands:

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“Well, I prefer being the GM, because, with the GM [role], I had to not only get that role, you know, entertain the people — it helped me. I learned a lot because you had to learn a lot when you walked out on the TV and you stayed out there as much as I did.

You had to learn how to keep that audience, you know? How to keep people where they’re not tired of looking at you or not tired of seeing you either.” said Teddy Long “When they do see you, they’re ready to see you.”

The former WWE star continued by praising his boss Vince McMahon saying that McMahon knew when to put him out there and when not and it’s something he is now able to share with the young guys.

Teddy Long joined WWE in 1998 as a referee and he went on to portray a number of other roles in the company. He is probably best known for his two tenures as the General Manager of SmackDown lasting a total of six years.