The Rock’s “Black Adam” Movie Delayed Indefinitely


Black Adam starring the Rock has been indefinitely delayed.

The Rock was set to star in “Black Adam” in the DC superhero universe but the movie has been indefinitely delayed. Originally slated for a December 2021 release, Warner Brothers now lists it as “undated”. The change was made as the pandemic continues to cause uncertainty in Hollywood.

This does not mean the movie will not be given a theatrical release. It’s just not clear when that will happen.

Several other Warner Brothers movies also saw their release dates pushed back or recently. The Batman starring Robert Pattinson was pushed back from a 2021 release to March 2022. The Flash and Shazam 2 also saw their release dates pushed back.

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Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia spoke to Variety about the movie last month.

“The journey we’re going to put Black Adam on, it’s very compelling,” Garcia said. “What he’s gone through and what you’re going to see on-screen is going to be amazing to watch play out, and then when you couple that with how powerful every character is who is going to be in the universe, it’s really going to heat things up. We have a lot of fun saying that the hierarchy of the power in the DC Universe is going to change because when Black Adam arrives, everyone needs to watch out because he’s going to change the game.”