Vince Russo Blames Vince McMahon For WWE’s ‘Warped’ Culture


Russo discusses the 'warped' culture of WWE

Former WWE/WCW/TNA writer and outspoken pro wrestling personality Vince Russo recently commented on an episode of Jim Ross‘ Grilling JR podcast.

JR and co-host Conrad Thompson were discussing an episode of RAW from 2005 where JR was fired on-air by Vince McMahon. The next week Steve Austin, a noted real life friend of JR’s, would attack members of the McMahon family, including Linda McMahon, Vince’s wife.

During the podcast JR would state that Linda didn’t actually want to take a Stunner from Austin. As is apparently ‘usually’ the case, Vince McMahon wanted it to happen, so it happened. Russo would jump on that comment and lambast McMahon and the culture that he creates seemingly in WWE.

Wrestling ‘Lifers’

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“The [wrestling] lifers? This is normal to them” Vince Russo began on the 8 Days a Week podcast. “I was reading clips of a JR interview today, and JR was basically saying about the last time he got fired by Vince McMahon in the ring. It was like a shoot, he really got fired.”

“And he’s [then] talking about like the next night” Russo would continue. “Austin Stunners the entire McMahon family. And he [JR] was saying how Linda was ‘very very hesitant to do that.’ But that’s what Vince wanted, bro!?”

Vince Russo would then describe the situation as ‘warped,’ with Vince McMahon seemingly ‘forcing’ his own wife to do something physically on his program. “Do you know how freaking warped it is? That you…your wife is uncomfortable with it, bro!”

“Okay!? She’s uncomfortable” Russo would continue. “You’re forcing your wife to take a Stunner, and your wife is taking the Stunner because ‘that’s what Vince’ wants. Do you know how freaking warped that is!?”

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