Friday’s SmackDown A ‘Mess’ Due To Vince McMahon’s Late Arrival (Report)


WWE announced matches for SmackDown only 10 minutes before the show

WWE did not announce any matches for this week’s SmackDown until the last minute. According to the Wrestling Observer, this resulted in a chaotic environment backstage. Vince McMahon‘s late arrival to the Amway Center was the reason.

Nobody knew what the plan was for the show until McMahon showed. One source described the situation as a “mess.” According to Dave Meltzer, “We got one report that SmackDown was a mess as the show was still being worked on a few hours ago.”

Though this isn’t the first time such situation has occurred and the update suggests that a situation where nobody knows what’s going to happen until Mr McMahon arrived is considered ‘nothing new’.

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We have also heard stories of the Boss tearing down written scripts for a show hours before it aired and more than once reports of officials still working on the ending of an episode when the show was already on air have come out.

For those who don’t know, WWE had not announced any matches for SmackDown in advance this week. The company only confirmed the lineup for the episode 10 minutes before it went on air, making it a topic of discussion among the fans.