Cedric Alexander On What Being In The Hurt Business Means For Him


Cedric Alexander is the newest member of the Hurt Business on RAW.

31-year-old Cedric Alexander signed with WWE in 2016 after wrestling Kota Ibushi in the Cruiserweight Classic. He’d compete on 205 Live and won the cruiserweight title in 2018. Recently on RAW, however, he has turned heel and aligned with the Hurt Business.

In a recent interview with SI.com, Alexander said that the new role is a change of pace that gives him a chance to let loose.

“I needed a change of pace and the chance to let out a new side that people aren’t used to seeing,” Alexander said. “One of the things that made me love wrestling in general was my career in amateur wrestling in high school and college. Just being on the mat made me feel a type of aggression I wasn’t really able to produce in my regular life. Now, with the Hurt Business, this is my chance to let loose. Before, when I was frustrated, I couldn’t let it out. Sometimes being a bad dude just feels a lot better. I knew I needed this, and it feels good.”

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The 11-year pro who makes his home in Orlando also said he has lofty goals left for his WWE career.

“If there is a title to win, I want it,” Alexander continued. “Long-term, I want to capture the WWE championship. I want to be a grand slam champion.”

Cedric Alexander On Being In The Hurt Business

Alexander also said during the interview that being in the Hurt Business allows him a chance to work with his friends.

“I’ve known Shelton since the start of my career,” Alexander says. “I’ve known MVP and Bobby for years, too, and we’ve always been really cool and tight. So this is an opportunity to work with some of my best friends.”

Alexander also continued to talk about the respect he has for Shelton Benjamin.

“I’ve said numerous times that Shelton should have been a three- or four-time world champ by now. If I could, I’d work singles matches with him all day, every day for the rest of my career.”

Alexander and Benjamin will team tonight to take on the New Day in non-title action on RAW.

The full interview can be read here.