Chad Gable Shares Championship Goals, Names WWE ‘Dream Opponent’


SmackDown Superstar Chad Gable has revealed who his WWE "dream opponent" is, pointing squarely at Daniel Bryan.

Chad Gable has revealed which WWE Superstar is his “dream opponent” during an interview with WWE‘s After the Bell podcast.

Having shared his championship aspirations with podcast host Corey Graves, Gable admitted he’s eager to prove himself against top talent, pointing directly at Daniel Bryan.

He noted how he’s not going to be aiming directly for the WWE Universal Championship just yet, although it remains his ultimate goal. Instead, he’s got his eyes set on the Intercontinental title.

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“[…] I’m not going to say all of a sudden, three months from now, oh, I should be Universal Champion, because I don’t think that we make those kind of jumps immediately,” Gable confessed. “I do see that for myself long-term because you have to or else what are you doing? But I am very happy that I stayed on Smackdown because we have the IC Title, which I think would be a great starting point for me as a singles guy. I want to get in that mix.”

Chad Gable’s Championship Goals

If successful, the former American Alpha member shared how he would be a fighting champion. He revealed how he would be eager to “defend it all the time.” According to him, his dream match would be a bout against Bryan, regardless of whether the Intercontinental Championship was at stake or not.

“[…] there’s guys like Bryan on our show who I have not had a chance to wrestle yet on TV, especially in a singles match. It’s my dream opponent that’s still wrestling. Before he’s done – and I don’t know how long he has left or how long he plans on wrestling – I want to have that match with Bryan, whether it’s for the IC title.”

He revealed how if he were able to wrestle Bryan, he’d want their match to have real stakes involved. Gable is confident if the match happened, he’d be able to show the world what he’s truly capable of. And with an opponent like Daniel Bryan, Gable believes they’d be able to “tear the house down.”