Chris Jericho On Why Vince McMahon Started Scripting Promos In WWE


Chris Jericho reveals Vince McMahon's reasoning behind hiring writers

WWE is often criticized for scripting the promos and matches of the superstars and during a recent interview, Chris Jericho revealed why Vince McMahon started doing this.

Y2J was recently joined by Court Bauer on his Talk Is Jericho podcast where the two discussed the evolution of wrestling from the attitude era to this day in detail.

During the interview, Chris revealed that Vince McMahon originally started incorporating writers into wrestling because he wanted to beat Friends:

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“The reason why writers became a thing was when we started SmackDown, which was right after I got there, August ‘99; Vince made it his motto that SmackDown was going to be bigger than ‘Friends’.

‘We’re going to beat ‘Friends’ on Thursday’, and his reasoning and idea and strategy was well ‘Friends’ has writers” recalled Chris Jericho, “Then we need writers too.”

Bauer then discussed how WWE is a hybrid system where they take aspects of TV, sports and show biz and combine them all to create the ‘WWE gumbo’.

Apart from this, Chris Jericho also talked about this transition and recalled how there were no writers when he first arrived in WWE and confronted the Rock during their famous segment on his debut.