CM Punk & Former WWE Writer Mock WWE Hiring New Lead Writer


Brian Gewirtz and CM Punk have mocked WWE's search for a new creative head.

WWE has a job advertisement out at the moment looking for a new lead writer. Both former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz and CM Punk responded to a story about WWE‘s search for a new writer and cracked a couple of jokes at the company’s expense.

Gewirtz, who now works with the Rock’s “Seven Bucks Promotions”, joked about being the new writer and then pointing out problems with WWE‘s booking of Survivor Series:

Gewirtz was with WWE from 1999-2015. He is currently working on NBC’s “Young Rock” series.

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CM Punk then responded to Gewirtz. He noted that the two of them can team up to help Kevin Dunn win an Emmy.

“The Lead Writer will have the opportunity to manage, mentor, and develop experienced Writers/Producers with a diverse creative background while simultaneously being accountable for compiling, editing, and developing weekly/long term scripts, storylines, and character development,” reads WWE‘s job advertisement.

Gewirtz also recently gave a humorous response to a question posed by New York’s Public Theatre. The venue asked, “What ISN’T Shakespeare but FEELS like Shakespeare?” Gewirtz’s answer was when Eric Bischoff was revealed as the official of the marriage between Billy and Chuck: