Colt Cabana Discusses Working With The Dark Order


All Elite Wrestling's Colt Cabana has opened up about working with the Dark Order, and why the uncertainty of his allegiance makes for compelling storytelling.

All Elite Wrestling’s Colt Cabana has opened up about aligning with the promotion’s Dark Order. Joining All Real Wrestling Podcast, Cabana what led him to join joining the stable. He also spoke about how his alliance with the stable makes for an interesting story.

Reflecting on how he came to be in Dark Order, Cabana acknowledged he had been on a losing streak. He argued how he was ultimately a high-profile star that took years of work to earn his position. Cabana noted this hard work was acknowledged by the AEW crowd, who accepted him despite his losses.

Cabana was ultimately recruited into the Dark Order despite his slanted win/loss record. Despite being amongst their ranks, however, Cabana hasn’t seemed completely comfortable with their actions. He explained how the uncertainty of his allegiance creates compelling storytelling.

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“[…] so the Dark Order thing was they were kind of taking the wrestlers who were maybe losing a little bit and kind of telling them that they can win and so thats kind of been Uno and Stu’s big thing and of course Brodie Lee who is the exalted one and so they’ve been courting me a little bit and um I think its been important an important part of the show and important part of storytelling a lot of people are still unsure whether i’m in the Dark Order maybe yourself included and that’s kind of the greatness of telling stories while in professional wrestling.”

After sporadic appearances in the company, Colt Cabana signed with AEW in February 2020. He subsequently made his official AEW debut, appearing at AEW Revolution’s Buy In pre-show.