Konnan On Inner Circle’s Las Vegas Segment, Nixed Marijuana Reference


Konnan has shared details about his recent AEW appearance during the Inner Circle's trip to Las Vegas.

Last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite saw Chris Jericho‘s Inner Circle descend upon Las Vegas. Making a surprise cameo appearance during the segment was none other than Konnan, who recently shared some behind-the-scenes details on shooting the segment.

Konnan divulged the information during a recent episode of his podcast Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan. He revealed how they had attempted to get in a marijuana reference into the video. The idea, however, was ultimately nixed.

“If we are opening up a limo and smoke is coming out, what do you think we are doing in there, roasting marshmallows? … I will give Chris credit. He tried. We tried to do the roll up sign. We tried to have a blunt.”

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Konnan explained that the reason the idea got shut down was due to a Jacksonville Jaguars “legal girl.” This led him to come up with the line “I always have the best stuff.”

“We couldn’t do none of that but Chris did try. He did try to push the envelope because he even goes, ‘what is that you do, Iranian tobacco? Say that, your fans will know.'”

Konnan’s AEW Experience

He shared how he was “very impressed” by AEW‘s production quality. Konnan noted how he didn’t know what to expect. However, he found his experience to be “first class.”

Unsurprisingly, Konnan revealed how he had to sign a lot of documents and get a COVID test done. According to him, “They do everything by the book.”

He then praised Jericho, comparing him to a “force of nature.” Konnan pointed out how Jericho was there producing, thinking of lines, and doing all he could to make sure the segment was as good as possible. This level of dedication wasn’t only noticed by Konnan, however.

“You can tell that MJF is gonna be just like Jericho because he is the young guy who is watching Jericho does and learning so he’s gonna be like him, a guy that does everything,” Konnan said. “Their level of professionalism is very high. I was treated very well. They had me at a nice hotel, everything was very cool. Kudos to them on that.”

You can watch the Inner Circle’s trip to Las Vegas below: