Lana Opens Up About Dealing With Mental Health Struggles This Year


Lana detailed this battle

The WWE Network released the Chronicle episode on Lana that follows the WWE star around and covers various situations. 

During it, she opened up on dealing with mental health struggles this year due to a wide range of reasons. This includes the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, her husband, Rusev, being released by WWE, and more. 

She noted that it’s been hard to go from being on the road 300 days a year to not going anywhere. She brought up not traveling with the same person (Rusev) that she’s been doing that with since her start in WWE and being with that person 24/7. 

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“For me, what was really, really hard was, usually going to arenas and people boo you, it’s something about the energy, you’re like, ‘oh, I’m in control of this,’ right? But then when all of a sudden I don’t interact with any people whatsoever and I’m just at home and I post something and everyone is just so mean. 

I couldn’t handle it anymore, because that’s like my only interaction with human beings is my Instagram account or Twitter, and now everyone in comments are like, ‘you should be fired.”

She brought up people saying that she sucks and other various things. 

“I remember, texting my parents and being like,’ please pray for me, my mental health is doing really bad, I’m really depressed. I just — I can’t take it anymore. I’m just… I’m so sad. Like, I don’t want to do anything.’”

She questioned everything because people will tell her mean stuff including to kill herself and more. 

Lana will represent Team RAW in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match against Team SmackDown. 

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