Lance Storm On The Backstage Reaction To Buff Bagwell In WWE


Lance Storm recalled Buff Bagwell's short time in WWE recently.

Lance Storm was the first member of WCW to kickoff the invasion when he made a run-in during a show from his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Buff Bagwell would also take part in the invasion when he and Booker T wrestled an infamous match on RAW in 2001. Bagwell would never wrestle an official match for WWE again and plans for the invasion were changed drastically.

Storm talked about what happened with Bagwell in WWE during a recent audio show on the Wrestling Observer website.

“Everyone was mad at Buff,” Storm said. “There was the bad match with Booker and Buff but Book the next day showed up with ‘yeah, that sucked’ and Buff showed up with ‘no, everybody’s got it wrong, it wasn’t that bad, I watched it back’ and made excuses.”

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Bryan Alvarez then quipped that the match wasn’t that bad, although it certainly did not resemble anything good.

“Buff was blown up in a minute and a half and grabbed a 2-minute chin lock,” Storm responded to Alvarez’s comments. He continued to talk about how Buff was going to get his “receipt” later (although nobody can seem to remember what show this was on) when he did a run-in during a segment.

Lance Storm On Buff Bagwell’s Time In WWE

“All the Invasion guys go to the ring and then APA runs down at the end,” Storm continued. “We’re all supposed to bump, get the hell out. But Buff is the one guy who is not supposed to be able to roll out of the ring and Buff is supposed to take a power bomb from John and then the spine buster from Ron. And it’s his receipt.”

Storm then mentioned what the members of APA said to him before the segment.

“If that son of a bitch rolls out, you guys better throw him back.”

Storm continued to say that Buff did not roll out of the ring before taking a powerbomb from JBL but did fake an injury after.

“So he plants him with this powerbomb and then Buff fakes an injury and won’t get up. He’s laying on the mat like he hurt his neck. I can still to this day remember vividly Ron standing over him ‘get that son of a bitch up!'”

Storm continued to say that if Buff had just taken the moves, his heat in the back may have dissipated.

“Now granted, the next weekend he no-showed the house shows and we got the Atlanta show and I don’t believe we ever see Buff again but I think he could have quelled the heat if he had just took his licking and didn’t sell it and didn’t complain.”

Highlights of Booker T vs Buff Bagwell can be viewed in the player below: