Mick Foley Says WWE Is Letting Him Keep His Cameo Account (For Now)


Mick Foley says WWE is letting him keep his Cameo account for the time being.

WWE legend Mick Foley says the company is letting him keep his Cameo account for the time being. The Hardcore legend did admit that the issue is a bit of a “sticky point” between him and WWE, however. During a recent interview on the WINCLY podcast, Foley spoke about WWE‘s policy on him and members of its roster working with 3rd parties such as Cameo or Twitch.

“It’s a sticky point,” Foley said about his Cameo account. “They’re kind of letting me be for now. I just did The Bump for WWE. I’m doing a watch along on Sunday night. So we’re all getting along. I think it’s somewhere they don’t want to rock the boat. I love doing them.”

Foley then opened up about loneliness issues during the pandemic. He revealed that since his wife has a pre-existing condition, they have been very cautious.

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“People all alone so I found when I was given this opportunity–because my wife has a pre-existing condition, so any time I go anywhere when I come back, I’ve got to isolate for two weeks. We have not been without masks around each other since this whole thing started, so it’s been difficult, and when you’re sitting alone in a hotel room or your house, I’ve got no contact with the outside world. Stopped by my mom’s a couple days, a week [ago] and then when I had a chance to do these videos all of a sudden, I’m not just going to be, ‘hey, shout out from The Hardcore Legend.’ If anyone’s seen my Cameos, I go all out.”

Foley continued to talk about some of the antics he has done for Cameo requests. He said that he’ll go all out for the Cameo requests he gets.

“I did Dude losing his composure in a log flume, which I really enjoyed. Just yesterday, I did a rap battle between Dude Love and a man in a Mankind mask. I’m not Mankind. I’m a man in a Mankind mask, but I just had a lot of fun doing it. I feel like I’m performing as opposed to phoning it in. Technically, I am phoning it in, but you know what I’m saying. I go all out. I try to exceed expectations and don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the idea of the first time that I don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to make a little money, but I also I love doing them.”

You can listen to the full interview with Foley in the player below: