MJF Believes He Gave Jon Moxley ‘The Best Match Of His Title Reign’


All Elite Wresting's MJF has reflected on his AEW Championship opportunity at All Out against Jon Moxley.

All Elite Wrestling’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) believes his championship match against Jon Moxley gave the current AEW Champion the “best match of his title reign.”

Joining The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, MJF looked back on his championship opportunity against Moxley at All Out:

“I wish I could say enjoyed it, but he cheated. He cheated. He used an illegal maneuver in order to beat me because that’s the only way ‘Dictator Jon’ could beat me,” MJF stated. “Let’s face the facts, I gave him the best match of his title reign. If you don’t believe me, just watch it back. It was bar none the best Jon Moxley match he’s ever had in All Elite Wrestling, and it’s all thanks to me.”

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MJF added how Moxley’s actions were “unfortunate.”

He stressed how Moxley had resorted to using “such a disturbingly, debilitating maneuver that was outlawed in that match-up.”

MJF added how, as he is an “honest human being,” cheating was something he would never do. He then shared how looking back on the match is a “bittersweet” experience.

Despite the loss, however, MJF acknowledged his personal pride in competing in the main event of a pay-per-view at only 24 years old. He then proclaied that it’s only a matter of time before he holds the AEW World Championship.

MJF recently defeated Chris Jericho at Full Gear. His victory means he will now be a part of Jericho’s Inner Circle.