Pete Dunne Explains Why He Likes NXT Being Separate From RAW & SmackDown


Pete Dunne gave his take

Pete Dunne holds WWE NXT and NXT UK in high regard because that’s where he started in WWE

The former NXT UK Champion did an interview with Scott Fishman of Wrestling Inc to discuss the importance of NXT to him. 

He noted that NXT has always been what it is and never changed despite who is working on the brand. He put it over for having a competitive locker room and everyone trying to have the best match on the card. 

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Dunne then brought up why he thinks NXT should not be seen in the same light as RAW and SmackDown. 

“It’s great to be part of Survivor Series and getting the chance to do that. At the same time, I want NXT to stand out on its own. NXT has been great to me. I love being able to wrestle the way I want to wrestle and be who I want to be. NXT is this amazing platform to do that. Raw and SmackDown, main roster, whatever you want to call it.

That’s its own thing too. Whether it’s progression or moving from brand to brand if I ever move to Raw or SmackDown, I want it to feel exciting and interesting. I feel like you can be overexposed there now.”

Dunne brought up how that wouldn’t do anything for the brand or himself even if it’s good for the pickets. He stated that being in the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series is great, but he’s not in any rush to get to the main roster. 

Dunne also doesn’t think anyone should feel panic when NXT is not involved in Survivor Series, which it wasn’t this year. 

“So having us as separate entities is not bad at all.”

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