Rhea Ripley Talks Working With Triple H In NXT


Rhea Ripley recently opened up about working with Triple H.

Rhea Ripley was a big fan of Triple H‘s growing up. In a recent interview with Wide World of Sports, Ripley opened up about working for the wrestler that she says was the reason she started watching wrestling in the first place.

“Growing up, Triple H is the reason I started watching WWE and the reason I started wrestling,” Ripley said during the interview. “Now he’s my boss and saying that I might be the one to main event WrestleMania in the next five years – to me that’s amazing.”

“To think how far I’ve come from wrestling in little Adelaide, South Australia, to now having Triple H say nice words about me and putting me over everyone is wild.”

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The 24-year-old last wrestled on NXT‘s Halloween Havoc special last week. She defeated Raquel Gonzalez on the show.

Ripley continued to talk about the confidence she gets from Triple H‘s praise.

“Sometimes you need a confidence boost in anything you do and it’s nice to get that from someone like Triple H,” Ripley continued.”I normally like to prove people wrong and that gets me going and that’s what makes me push myself to the next level but every now and then it’s nice to get some positivity and I can use that to become the best Rhea Ripley.”

Ripley also spoke about how far women’s wrestling has come in recent years.

“We’re proving to everyone we’re just as good as the men and some of us are better. I’m putting that out there, some us go in harder so it’s cool to be part of this women’s revolution and just showing everyone that women can do it too.”

The full interview with Rhea Ripley can be read at this link.